Welcome to my blog! It’s called Mythed Up World because the love of fairytales and myths is what drew me into the world of story. And I’m a sucker for dreadful puns.

I used to be a writer, a craftswoman, a keen scuba diver, and a software engineer. Now I have  clinical anxiety and ME/CFS, and I do a mean impersonation of a sofa-dwelling, brain-addled cabbage. I mostly leave the house to walk my rescue dog, the Hellbeast.

Since I can’t write at the moment, I’m speaking in photos and yarn. I crochet strange creatures and send them out into the world to have adventures.

I learned a lot about from writing from the incredibly helpful and genre-friendly T-Party writers’ group. They meet in London and are always open to new members. They also run workshops at various genre cons.

I am still fascinated by the creative process, whatever form it takes.