Catch Up

I haven’t posted here in quite a while, so here goes…

I was diagnosed with clinical anxiety, and put on medication (citalopram), which helped immensely with the self-loathing, suicidal thoughts, feelings of worthlessness, paranoia, and panic attacks. It didn’t fix the the continual exhuastion, brain fog, nausea, etc, but that was explained when I found out I had ME/CFS.

We got a rescue puppy who grew into a rescue dog, affectionately known as the Hellbeast. She is my lifeline and my challenge. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about dog training.

The Hellbeast relaxing in September sunshine.

I’m currently on 3 months’ sick leave, so there could be a lot of TV and film posts. I can’t currently write as I just don’t have the mental capacity or the energy. Instead, I crochet strange creatures and send them out into the world to have adventures and make their own stories.

There, all caught up.



One thought on “Catch Up

  1. I think you’re incredibly brave, though I can’t imagine how hard this has been for you your determination to never stop fighting is incredible.

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