Start Where You Are

It’s been a pretty hellish work week for both me and my partner this week. I haven’t done any writing, and thinking back, I haven’t done much of anything else except work, eat and sleep.  When I feel like this, I find this works as a mantra:

Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.
– Arthur Ashe

Beating myself up about not achieving everything just makes me feel worse. Doing something small and manageable makes me feel better and starts recharging my batteries for the bigger things.

So, today, I started where I was. I went for a walk with my partner and my ageing compact Fuji. And there was a kingfisher where we were. And an otter. And the sun was shining. The photos might not be as great as I hoped, but for me they captured something of the day.

lakes3 lakes2 rowan swan


One thought on “Start Where You Are

  1. So glad that, in your hectic and quite stressful lives you are able to find peaceful, tranquil moments to lift your spirits . Xxx

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