I went to the SFX weekender last weekend, and I had a thoroughly splendid time. (More on that soon, this is just a quickie.)

One of the highlights for me was Brian Blessed’s Q & A session. I am convinced that Mr. Blessed has been a warrior chieftain and a pith-helmeted Victorian explorer in uncharted Africa in his past lives (and as Gaie said, probably 325 other things too).

He is a man for whom the phrase “larger than life” and the word “bellowed” were invented.  He’s climbed Everest without oxygen and he’s the oldest man to have trekked on foot to the North Pole. He’s 75 and he’s just completed 300 gruelling hours of cosmonaut training. He wants to inspire Britons to get back in the space race and head out to Mars, and if anybody can do it, it’s him.  As he said, he’s seized every opportunity that came his way.

Here are a few words of wisdom from Mr. Blessed that I think everybody should listen to every morning. Especially writers and other creatives prone to wondering if it’s really ok for them to write, paint, invent, compose, or otherwise sing their own song.


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