Blue Shift

That’s the title of my novel. Probably.  Word count as of now: 869.  Yay. Marvel at my astonishing output.

That includes footnotes, but not the short story I originally wrote *cough cough* years ago that gave me my main character. Or the folders of handwritten notes on world-building and character. Or the two other false starts that I’ve made over the years. Or the recent mind maps and plot outlines.

It has a delivery girl with suicidal tendencies, urban vampires (yeah, I know, but they’re essential to the plot), a lot of aliens, and a trail of missing females.

It’s quite possible that I should ditch this thing. But instead, I’m going to give myself a year to get a first draft down. And I’ll document some of it here and pass on any tips that get me through the hard bits. Or, I’ll crash and burn and look like an asshat, and be a cautionary tale to real writers.

Anyway, anything to do with this novel will be in the “Blue Shift” category, and anything to do with my writing – er – let’s call it a process – will be in the “plot witter” category.

Thanks for listening.


4 thoughts on “Blue Shift

  1. Yeehaw! A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and all that. Go Sarah!

    Deadlines, self-imposed or external, are a Good Thing. Some years ago I was wading through the morass of my first novel and asked my sister to set me a deadline (I’d been working on the damn thing for getting on for 12 years, by then). She asked me what I thought was realistic, I told her, and she said, well, that’s your deadline then. And I met the dealine. The novel was a mess, but finishing it was a huge deal, and allowed me to feel I was really getting somewhere. I learned enough doing it to make less of the mess of the next novel. And that didn’t take nearly as long to write.

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