Lies, Damned Lies and Advertising

According to Nivea, 77% of women feel sexier when their underarms look good. Yep. That’s top of my list of worries, that I’m going to be stoned in the street for not moisturising my ‘pits.

Actually, I can just imagine how the marketing survey for that one went:

Q: “Do you feel sexy when your armpits look like a bad hair day at a llama farm?”

A “Er – no.”

Q: “So would you say you feel sexier when your armpits look good?”

A: “Yeah, whatever. I’ve got a train to catch.”

Notice the statistics don’t say anything about people using Nivea’s sodding deodorant.  Years ago, I remember seeing a fake advert on a TV program or film that started with pictures of rolling ocean waves and the voice-over saying “The sea doesn’t worry about underarm perspiration, but you’re not the sea…” It seems that adverts are now their own parodies. For more crimes of the marketing ilk, visit AdTurds.


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