Surprise Me

The amazing Heston Blumenthal is at it again and this time he’s designing a series of feasts based around fiction. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, it’s way out there on the misty borders between theatre, art, science and culinary magic.

In the TV programs, you get a glimpse into his creative process, including the bits that go wrong (the duck à l’orange bomb).   And what other chef does his or her research by getting smashed on absinthe in France, and  visting sex shops to find the best jelly-wobbling vibrators*?  Who else would make real Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lickable wallpaper, or  an Alice in Wonderland drink-me potion that has five separate flavours including cherry tart and turkey?

You can view him in action here. I particularly recommend Series 2: Heston’s Chocolate Factory Feast and Series 1: Heston’s Victorian Feast.

Bon appetit!

*Vibrators were a Victorian invention used by doctors to “cure” “hysteria”.  I think each of those words deserves its own set of sarcastic quotes.


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